The Written by Hand Method is a website focused on the traditional handwriting method. Written by hand is the particular and individual style of a person of writing with a pen, pencil, etc. This style is contrast by hand, which is a formalized style of writing. Cursive is a prominent handwriting style, which is used for writing letters and notes. In Ireland and the United Kingdom cursive style writing is known as: Real writing, joined up writing or joint writing. In Australia, is known as: Running writing. In America this style of writing is known as cursive.

There are four types of cursive handwritten styles which are: English cursive, Greek cursive, Chinese cursive and Russian cursive. Its known that origin of this writing style is associated with practical advantages such as: Speed of writing and avoids of quill inks smudges because of the sparse pen lifting. A quill is an implement use for writing, which is made from a bird feather. A quill is commonly made from large birds. During the sixth to the nineteenth century the primary writing instrument was the quill. They were usually made from swam or goose feathers. After the invention of the metal pen, which was first patented in the United States in 1810, the quill was out from the market.

Its known that every human on earth has their own way of handwriting. These different ways of writing are related to the following: Average size of the letters, slope of the letters, spacings between letters, shape of the letters, etc. The style of an individual changes slowly with the age. There is a study which analyzes the written of a person in relation to psychology called Graphology. Graphology is used to track and diagnose diseases from the nervous system and the brain. In the handwritten text of a person you can also find out if the individual was intoxicated or nervous at the time of the written.

Nowadays most people around the world are changing the written by hand letter method to email. Most people are starting to use their email software to send letters through the Internet. Emails are now preferred by most people because they are cheaper, faster and more convenient. Handwritten letters are still known to be part of many individuals method for writing a letter because not all individuals have Internet access.

Some oriental countries use very often the written by hand method such as: China, Japan, Vietnam and Korea. These countries have a general standard of the variety of calligraphy styles in their tradition. The listed countries use this method of writing to distinguish themselves from other cultural arts in which they emphasize on the charge of their dynamic life and motion.

Nowadays a variety of letters that used to be written by hand are now available printed, digital and also online such as: Greeting cards, manuals of a device or product, etc. People are tending to show more interest in letters online because they also have a variety of handwritten fonts for their letters. Here, in this website you will find all information regarding the written by hand method.